Formats I’ve created and curated:

2016 - 2018

at the Berliner Festspiele: «Immersive Arts Project»


at the Berliner Festspiele: «Rusimport» (festival programm with contemporary russion theatre, film and art)


in charge of the «Ruhrgebiet - Kulturhauptstadt Europas»: «Die Erfindung der Freiheit» (a journey through six cities and Homers «Odyssee»)

2006 - 2011

at the Salzburg Festival, while I was in charge as head of drama: »Dichter zu Gast» (poets in residence programm, originally founded by Ivan Nagel), »Festspielsalon» (artist programm) and »Reise ins Innere Österreichs» (films, readings, debates about the ‘hidden history’ of austria) 


at Schauspielhaus Zürich: «Relocation. Große Zürcher Institutionenverschiebung» (festival concept, together with Imanuel Schipper and Matthias von Hartz) and «Menschenbilder» (artists programm)

2004 – 2005

literature festivals at the Ruhrtriennale with contemporary national and international novellists and artists: «Die Wiedererrichtung des Himmels» and «Die Schule der Romantik»

2001 – 2004

at the Schauspielhaus Bochum lecture courses «Zur Zukunft des Politischen»: »Asche auf Amerika», »Gott gegen Geld», »Krieg der Propheten», »Kriegstheater» and «Orientierung» - a serial of readings, films and lectures about islamic religion and culture 


at the Expo 2000: «If we could know» (Script and concept for a technology based science-show live performed at the Siemens-Pavillion) 


Berlin: «Theater Neuen Typs» (TNT), a writers association and virtual theatre I’ve founded with some collegues to promote new drama with a serial of »lunatic readings» (music and presentations of new plays at the Renaissance Theatre) and «Achtung Gegenwart» - a festival at the Theater Oberhausen