How we worked on »Down to Earth”:

The selection of materials for the exhibition »Down to Earth” has been based on environmental considerations and the attempt to minimise our CO2 footprint. As a result we have largely used recycled materials: our conference table from »INTO WORLDS” in 2018 has become a planted dining table and old modular walls have been repurposed, as have floor coverings, even if these already show signs of use. This booklet made of recycled paper has been printed in Algae Ink, an more environmentally friendly printing pigment made from algae. 20 litres of algae-based ink enable us to avoid using approximately 10 kilogrammes of petroleum (crude oil). Because this ink has a negative carbon footprint, using one 20 litre bucket has the effect of planting two trees. To print our posters we have reused existing stocks from previous campaigns and restricted ourselves to a single colour.

Part of the project has consisted of researching, publicising and optimising both the institutional and project-related consumption of resources at the Gropius Bau. This includes the origin of any energy that is used, the percentage of solar energy from our photovoltaic generator on the roof of the Gropius Bau and a reduction of our overall energy use – while at the same time questioning the standards and routines that have arisen. In the months and years to come we will continue to work on maintaining customary museum standards (50 % humidity, 20 degrees Celsius) while simultaneously shifting to more sustainable energy management.

All those taking part in »Down to Earth” have avoided air travel – they have either arrived by rail or are residents of Berlin and its surrounding area. Many artists and musicians are presenting new interpretations of their works, which they are presenting for us without using microphones, loudspeakers, spotlights, beamers, computers or screens. And in the green spaces of the Südplatz to the rear of the Gropius Bau, a ritual will be held to create a garden that is intended to continue thriving in years to come.