«The presentation of DAU Freiheit is not only the world premiere of a film epic, a social and artistic experiment that has created a unique gesamtkunstwerk, but also an all-encompassing experience that invites the visitors to embark on a personalized journey through the DAU area by means of an electronic device. This area is surrounded by a replica of the Berlin Wall and – after applying for a visa online – you will be able to partake in concerts, activities and discussions with scientists and artists, in addition to watching movies.

The shooting of the film cycle DAU dissolved the border between art and life, between reality and fiction, and organized a time travel through thirty years of Soviet history to create a state of social emergency that could only arise in the spirit of radical and free art. This spirit, which makes it possible to reflect on central themes of personal and political life, should also accompany the entire DAU Freedom art project.

The temporary reconstruction of the Berlin Wall recalls the wound of the divided city. The performance of DAU Freedom is a ritual to bring this wall down again in the course of four weeks. Thirty years after the reunification of Germany thanks to the peaceful revolution in 1989, Germany is once again divided and torn apart internally, divided by the extreme right-wing movements ’Alternative for Germany’ and ’Pegida’ like U.S.society is divided by Trump. With DAU we touch our wound.»

Thomas Oberender 08/30/18