Arcadia Missa

Projects, gallery, publisher



«Arcadia Missa focuses on contemporary art with intent, is an organisation of three parts – projects, gallery, publisher – and began as a self-organised space in Austerity Britain.

Independent Research and Curatorial project emerges both as parallel programming to the main gallery programme, within the publications and in off site projects at institutions including South London Gallery (London), Astrup Fearnley Museet (Oslo), and spaces such as Embassy (Edinburgh), 55 Sydenham Road (Sydney) and Tank.TV (Online and London). In mid 2014 the projects began to invite curators, artists and international project spaces to collaborate on the parallel gallery programme, collaborators have included Preteen (Mexico), Holly Childs (Australia) and Queer Thoughts (USA).

Arcadia Missa publications currently have three separate series: the journal How to Sleep Faster (and its online counterpart, Artist Books, and Anthology. The Anthology series is a response to the notion of a gallery catalogue, instead offering a collection of research, responses and documentation of a 6–8 month curated programme.»