«100 Questions to Heiner Müller»

A Seance
by Moritz von Uslar / Thomas Oberender

Premiered at Berliner Ensemble, Berlin, UA: 01.04.2005



For quite some time Moritz von Uslar’s »100 Questions« in the Süddeutscher Zeitung’s Magazine has possessed cult status. It is high time that these questions be posed to a contemporary who we wish to remember on the tenth anniversary of his death: Heiner Müller. This questions Thomas Oberender has been used to be answered in Müllers place by people who were very close to him, such as actors, friends and life-long companions. Also adversaries - dramatist colleagues, composers and dramaturges - will be asked questions. A third group is formed by people who Heiner Müller only knew as myth, people who have become mythic in their own way over time. Among these mythical figures are comedy stars, columnists and moderators. The answers has been composed by the authoers and will serve as a choral text and will condense into a séance in the hope that the spirit of the poet indeed will appear.