«Why festivals II»

by Thomas Oberender




(…) Festivals are liquid structures. They have the tendency to get solid and hard. Institutions run the risk to get immovable. Today the tendency both in institutions and in festivals is: twice as much productions with less money. People make more and reflect less. This brings us to the question: Who should be taught to get «liquified», who should be put in the position to think intensive. It might be that one has to provide classical institutions again better so they can keep cool enough to think again. So to speak this only works if one recognizes that an institution works vital and imaginative. Reversed one has to support free project work that is emigrated out of the overloaded institutions to reach a better focus of their creative work. 

Festivals are ‘irritation center’ – the have to produce and keep on going a discussion – in between and about the festival. Festivals work similar to social Medias – the produce discussion, focus special problems, increase them and after all the hole participation tsunami disappears. (…)