«Narrative Spaces. A form of immersive theatre»

…because this installation is no classical theater play: about narrative spaces
by Thomas Oberender

Speach for the symposium in Bergen, Norway

German Version published at the art magazine MONOPOL march 2015 and at Die Deutsche Bühne, Heft 5/2015

Traditional theater plays have a secure future. To write down what someone says as someone whom he is not, but whom he makes an appearance as, in spaces that are not the spaces that they are seen as, at a time that is not the present – all that is a wonderful process of displacement and metamorphosis of reality, which will certainly bring much joy to everyone who wants to play, to manifest a world and try out lives which he would otherwise rarely be able live. Theater in the traditional sense of representing something out there, are the musical notes of a unique, complex performance practice – what is noted within them creates a precomposed behaviour of a group of people that together sound a piece, by playing and showing it. Literary drafted dialogues are world-creating-machines from text, which are inhabited by those who present these words.