«Black Box and White Cube / Cloister and Square»

Speech at Symposium: On Stage/Off Stage: Performance and the Theatrical

Tate Modern, Starr Auditorium, 31. October 2015



The panel examines the dualities of the stage and the gallery as sites of narrative, looking at the shared methodologies of theatre making and the artists practice as performance, beyond the traditional conventions of the stage and studio.

This event touches on questions including:
What is the relationship between art and theatre in relation to liveness, the audience and the site of the theatre/museum?
What role does performance and live art play in increasingly blurring the boundaries between art and theatre?
How do the discourses coming out of theatre, performance studies, art history, and related disciplines differently frame and understand these art practices?
To what extent can the artist be considered a dramaturge/actor or director?

The event is chaired by Rebecca Schneider and speakers include artist Paulina Olowska, author and theorist Michal Kobialka and Thomas Oberender, Director of Berliner Festspiele.