Thomas Oberender, born in 1966 in Jena, is an author and curator. Since 2011 he has been the Artistic and Managing Director of Berliner Festspiele / Gropiusbau. He was the founder of several new formats for perfomance, literature and cultural programmes, and created timebased exhibitions. From 2006–2011 he was Director of Drama at the Salzburg Festival, before that he was leading dramaturg of the Schauspiel Bochum and Co-Director of the Schauspielhaus in Zurich. He submitted his doctoral thesis on Botho Strauß and co-founded and named the author’s collective Theater Neuen Typs. He has written essays, theater plays and literature reviews and is currently working as Artistic Director of the transmedial programme «Immersion», that also opens planetariums as spaces for artists of the digital age.